Thursday, 7 June 2007

One Crowded Hour

I caught the train about 830am. My soundtrack for this journey was a mix of Baby Animals and AC-DC. A rocking tracklist would have me pumped to face another day of training.

Basically I catch three trains to get to Shinjuku. First, an all stops train from Keikyu Tomioka where I am living to Kamioka which is the first express train stop. From there I catch a very crowded express train to Shinagawa. These two trains are on the private Keikyu Line which because of that you won't find easily on a Tokyo subway map. This part of the ride costs 470 yen.

Ok, still with me? Shinagawa is on the famous Yamanote line that does a ring around central Tokyo. From here I go in the right direction (well I have so far) to Shinjuku (190 yen) which if you'd been there you'd know that is the busiest train station in the world. I've been there and Wikipedia agrees with me so it must be right. I'm yet to sit down for my whole one hour or so journey.

I was an hour early so I called the toll free number for Softbank. They have the cheapest white plan in Japan for 980 yen a month. The girl said the SIM will work for my phone but they won't sell the plan without me buying a handset as well (which sucks). So either I buy a really cheap handset or get a useable good phone (that can be used in Australia) and pay that off in instalments.

At lunch our whole training team (five plus teacher) went to a restaurant and I had some yummy rice curry. It was 850 yen and a nice large size.

Going home I bought some milk, eggs and Calpis. Yes, that's right. It tastes like one of those "good" bacteria, probiotic juices. I've just about finished it so it must be all right. The name makes me giggle too.