Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Show Me The Money!

Not much to say today, except that I got all 60,000 yen back of my deposit from the Tomioka house!

I gave the english rep of the company a call with the excuse to "verify my bank details", and lo and behold it was in my account the next day. nicee. It feels like I "won" the money until I realize it's my money to begin with.

I heard stories that the rental company was slow to pay back deposits, but I'm very happy to say that was not the case with me. I am thinking that it was my intense house cleaning that made it easy for them to pay it back quickly, but they didn't look around very long when they inspected the place.

While I'm not short of money, this is very welcome.

Another thing is, Softbank have given up asking for my credit card and posts me out convenience store slips. Things are looking real good 'round here!