Sunday, 6 January 2008

Raw Like Sushi

Last night I was reunited with the gf.

She had dinner with a classmate, so when I got back to Yotsuya I decided to make some curry risotto rice with vegetables and pork.

By the time I was almost done she came through the door and still had room for some of my dinner.

Today we slummed it, resting most of the day.

When we finally left the house we made our way to the Yotsuya library so I brought back those CDs I last had. In its place I borrowed Best of T-Rex and Nirvana, Nikka Costa (feat. Lenny Kravitz), and a Rolling Stone magazine.

We went into Shinjuku after that. There are a lot of clothing sales at the moment. The gf was looking for a new dress for a wedding she'll be going to in two weeks. I patiently tagged along.

On our way home we had sushi together for the first time.

Maybe it's strange after almost seven months in Japan for me to not have done it sooner. While none of the fish tasted bad, I still prefer to eat sushi in small doses. I'm just not used to eating fish raw.

This is some funny english from the menu.

"We recommend this tasty tuna with BIG CONFIDENT!" and "semi fatty tuna", "mostly fatty tuna". I didn't think fish had fat. Yes, it was tasty.