Saturday, 24 May 2008

I Love The Nightlife, I Love To Boogie

Tonight was a big night out with the boys in Shibuya.

There was a great turnout, including a friend I know from Brisbane who's only been in Tokyo for three weeks.

After first getting a drink from a combini, we started off in Tasu Ichi (aka. "Love Connection").

It's a small bar slightly erring to the side of more foreigners than Japanese, but it has a nice vibe and cheap 300 yen beers. Some J guys said they liked my shirt. It felt like an English lesson so I didn't talk to them very long. If it's a J girl I don't mind it at all. Hmm..

Once we had enough of there, we moved on to Club Atom.

It's strange that tonight, after almost a year of being here, I hadn't been to any nightclubs at all.

I'm glad I hung around and didn't catch the last train. I had a great time.
Club Atom is situated on the left side of Shibuya, walking past Shibuya 109 to the area commonly referred to as "Love Hotel Hill", where there are quite a few clubs.. and love hotels.

I paid a 2500 yen entry which is a bit much for me. I was a little perturbed that the security staff rifled through my wallet. I think that's quite a bit too invasive of my privacy. What are they looking for anyway?

There are three floors to the club.
The fifth floor is the largest main dance floor playing dance music. This was probably the least interesting room to me. I just felt kind of bored here.

I spent most of the time here on the sixth floor Hip Hop room. (There weren't the tables there that you see in the picture) This style of music is probably the most recognisable music you hear these days, so I knew almost all the songs the DJ played. The DJ was "spinning" tunes on a Macbook Pro!

I danced with two quite attractive Korean girls, that were on holiday in Japan for a few days. Their English was great, and I had a fun time dancing with them. One of the Japanese girls that tagged along with our group came up to me to dance and scared the Koreans away. Shame that. Probably a good idea anyway.

Finally I discovered the fourth floor psychedelic room. One of the other guys told me it was there. I thought it was the exit!

This was the room you come to get blissed out on heavy Trance/Techno tunes. Here, I was doing my most strange dancing, poking my hands through the smoke-machined air and laser lights. Big box, little box. Trippy!

It was a LONG night. Around 4:30am I stumbled out on the street with some of the others towards Shibuya station to catch one of the first trains of the morning.

On the train I sat next to an old man. At first I thought he was irritated that a foreigner had chosen to sit next to him, but he blurted out, "Nice to meet you too". Ok..

He continued with, "Are you American?", "Australia, nice people" and lastly, "Beautiful Japanese girls".

Yes they are.


Giovanni said...

They were looking for drugs in your wallet. They check cigarette packets too.

If you have any 'gear'...just put it in your socks.

Jimmy In Japan said...

That's what I thought it might be. Shame they had to do that. Still a fun club though.

I think I'll be going there again sometime.