Thursday, 3 July 2008

Oakley Frogskins

I hadn't been having much luck finding a vintage pair at the recycle shops, and Yahoo Auctions wasn't the best place to find them either.

Unlike in America where they have sold out, it's not too hard to pick up a limited edition re-issue of Oakley Frogskins.

I got a rootbeer/fire iridium one for 17,850 yen at the Oakley store in Harajuku.

A little bit pricey, but they were the best pair of glasses I used to have, and putting these on brought back some memories. They still have a few other ones to choose from.

Neon yellow anyone?

Buying from the official store I'm sure I didn't buy a fake. Unfortunately there wasn't much sun at all to really see how good they were. I'm really hoping these don't give me a headache like the other Oakleys I bought and subsequently took back.

At another store they had a pair with clear see-through frames and purple lenses.

They weren't as dark as the ones I bought, but there was something about them I liked.

I was close to buying them as well, but I'm just going to see how I go with the ones I have, and if I REALLY want to blow some more money I'll go back for them.

They were about 2000 yen cheaper too.

I just wish they hadn't released these as a limited edition. I might have been able to get these for much less.

The other blue (cheap) sunglasses I bought from Donki (that's Don Quijote) recently were ok, but I wasn't 100% satisfied with them. Light and wind were leaking in from underneath making them less than perfect.

I'm finding Yahoo Auctions a bit disappointing lately.

You can't snipe at the end of auctions like on eBay. If you do a late bid, it just adds more time for someone to bid it up even higher. Those Japanese are real sneaky with their bidding too.

Unless you have a premium account you can't bid over 5000 yen, so although there's a lot of stuff I'd like to buy, the prices get inflated far too quick.

We had a big day today.

From Omotosando and Harajuku, to Daikanyama and Roppongi. We settled on TGI Fridays and a "World's Greatest Burger" for dinner. A little expensive (1,780 yen), but these are big burgers with a side of fries as well.

We stopped briefly in Akasaka Mitsuke for some coffee before finally going home.

At last a day off I could do something other than stay home because of rain.


STinolan said...

omg iv got a pair of the original frogskins in a blueish gray frame and the purple lens and i love them i just wish they weren't sooooooo expensive now for the reissues or id buy like 40 pairs

Jimmy In Japan said...

Same, any others I see I'm going to buy them, at the right price of course.