Thursday, 2 October 2008

Discogrooving in Ginza

Yes, it's a school night, but tonight I'm venturing to a disco in Ginza. No, not a club, a disco.

Why so? Because the clientele were mostly salarymen and "office ladies".

One thing that should come as no surprise to people who've observed Japanese trying to dance, it's actually quite funny. The best way I can describe it, is imagine how people sing at karaoke. Got it? That's how they dance as well.

Unlike some blogs you read I am not bad-mouthing these people. I want to empower them with the courage to not dance the same two-step moves that I used to do in primary school. Let go and forget about your sarari-man lives!

Unfortunately when I arrived there, it was mostly a sausage fest, but thankfully after a short while, there were a few not too shabby ladies making an appearance.

A lot of the girls don't do much better than the guys and need non-Japanese to show them how to dance. It's like "Footloose", where people need to be told it's ok to dance like a fricken idiot.

So.. in "teaching" these people how to do "it", we let it go showing those Japanese what it means to dance. Dance like a fool, and let them follow.