Thursday, 25 December 2008

Jimmy's Magical Christmas Toy Run

I'm not good at packing.

I left it until the last day and sure enough I forgot my razor and a few other non-essential items. I arrived in plenty of time at the airport.

It's one heck of a long trip getting to Narita airport. Going through customs took no time at all.

The plane was meant to leave at 8.20pm, but it didn't leave for close to an hour later. I had a good seat on the plane with lots of legroom and a spare seat next to me, but I didn't get to sleep though.

Surprisingly, one of the other teachers was on the same plane. What are the chances of that?

Arriving at the Gold Coast airport I was welcomed by rain and a bit of humidity. It wasn't so bad, even though I was wearing two jackets and a jumper, so I wouldn't have to carry them along with my bag.

My toys made it safe to Australia, although I found it strange that my suitcase lock was missing. What's so suspicious about a suitcase full of UFO catcher toys?

I drove home in my dad's car. It feels fantastic to drive a car again.

Brisbane here I come!