Sunday, 22 March 2009

Acrylic Dreams

I had to see this one..

It's a Jem20th.

A limited edition 20th anniversary acrylic JEM. I have to say it looks better in person than any picture could do justice to.

I have to thank the shop staff for even letting me touch it.

One thing I wasn't prepared for was the weight. This thing weighs an ton! If I had the money they're asking, I'd LOVE to buy it. There isn't any other guitar that looks like this.

What does it sound like? I have no idea. Who cares?

Still if I had a choice I'd pick the Chromeboy if only the finish wasn't so sensitive to instant depreciation. These guitars are collector's pieces, so what's the point?

MY G.A.S. has no sign of abating. I feel incredible urges to buy more music gear!

Last night I won another auction. This time it's a Zakk Wylde ZW-45 Crybaby wah pedal.

I was telling myself no, you don't need it. But my impulsive click finger said "screw that, yes you do". Surprisingly I was the sole bidder, so I got it for 6,000 yen.

A sweet price.

What does it sound like? Click here. Sounds like a rockin' pedal to me. All I have to do now is play the waiting game, until I get that box in my hot little hands.

You'd think I'd stop now wouldn't you? Oh no.

While I was at this guitar store I tried out the latest Boss GT-10 multi effects unit.

It's loaded with a heap of nice effects, but the distortions sound absolutely horrible. It was like the exact opposite of my valve amp, brittle and fizzy. I'm sure with a bit of tweaking, it has the potential to sound better, but how hard is it to make it sound good "out of the box" to entice people to buy it?

In another store I tried out a Line 6 M13 stompbox modeler and a 535Q Crybaby wah.

This was a different story. The effects were more raw and warm (I was playing this through a JC-120!) What got me curious about this box was the DL4 and FM4 boxes. I saw some vids on youtube and they sounded nice. This box has both of them and more!

I got so carried away with this box that I forgot about the wah pedal, and only gave it a very brief demo. I'm hoping that my wah sounds as good as this. From what little I tried of this one, my ears said "yum".

And that has to go the same for this little pedalboard too.

So little time and not enough money.