Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Blues Coffee

A few disappointments this week :

- I was asked for help to teach a former housemate how to play a song for his girlfriend. I thought it was kinda sweet on his behalf. Only thing is.. he dissed me pretty badly on his blog some time ago.

I was willing to do it if he removed my full name from the post. He said he thought of me as a different person now, but he STILL has refused to take it off! Not cool..

- The next biggest downer was that I found some really amazing discounted fares to Australia for about 37,800 yen RETURN.

What's so bad about that? HQ won't grant me leave for the time I want.

It's really disappointing because since I have been in Japan (since 2007), I haven't requested any days off, using four ALP days only when I was sick. Makes one feel like just a number 'round here.

While I have a little reprieve that they have let me taken this Saturday off, giving me a four day weekend, I really wanted to take that time off before Golden Week. It would have helped me even to bring some of my music gear back home.

- That lazy Japanese lard-ass who sold me the Frogskins on Yahoo Auctions still hasn't reciprocated the feedback I promptly gave him to his profile. The sunglasses though are fantastic. No more squinting for me!

- I brought in my Swiss watch for repair once more last Saturday. I can't wait to find out how much they're going to rip me off for that.

The Blues coffee in the vending machine seemed strangely appropriate as I walked home from the station tonight.