Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Michael Jackson in Yokohama!

As per usual station beers is still alive and well after a hard day's work in Yokohama.

It's been quite different lately with one of the clan absent for quite a while, but last I heard he's doing better. If you're reading this, there're a lot people missing you 'round here! Come back soon ya' hear?

Anyway, it's always interesting and amusing to see what happens as people make their way home going back to the station. Tonight we were fortunate to witness a live performance from a Michael Jackson wannabe. I didn't have my camera with me, so unfortunately it's iPhone video for you. Here you go..

He came closer to us and one of the new guys got into conversation with him which meant he was hard to get to leave. First rule of station beer club, do NOT make contact with any salaryman, or any old Japanese men for that matter. That means NO eye contact too buddy. This rule is thrown out the window when we're talking about those sweet J girls.

Quite a long while back I mentioned how some mothers thought I looked like Matsumoto Jun. For some reason, mentioning that brought quite a few admirers to my blog (him, not me). Now that my hair is much longer and tied back most of the time, those comparisons have pretty much disappeared. Sorry girls.

You'll be pleased to know no doubt that our good friend Jun is now peddling finger lickin' chicken for KFC. Good work bro.The KFC checkout chick surely thought I was strange taking this pic. "Crazy gaijin desu" so, so, so..


Thomas Hammerlund said...

Tis the season for some finger lickin' chicken!