Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sakura See Ya

To those that don't know, three of the biggest Electronic stores in Japan are Yodobashi Camera, Bic Camera (no, not just cameras) and Sakuraya.

Sadly or maybe not, Sakuraya will be closing their doors come February 28th. As a last hurrah they are giving us, the consumers, a 20% discount across the store. I never really went there to buy stuff or the other guys for that matter, because usually the prices were probably marked up 20% more than what I could get from other places.

The gf got a juicer, and we were both debating the Apple products. Just like back home, Apple's prices don't vary too much from store to store so a 20% discount was actually pretty good! I decided to get a green 16 gig Nano for the gf. The iPod Touch and Classics were sold out, but there were still shuffles and Nano to be had.

Yesterday Wendy's, next Sakuraya. What's next? How about closing a few of those damn combinis..