Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Shakeys Analogy

At the moment Shakey's Pizza has a great deal of all you can drink alcohol for 500 yen for one hour!

The catch?

You have to get an "all you can eat" pizza meal for two hours, and it's an additional 1,500 yen. What's bad about that? Just eating as much second-rate pizza as I can, and drinking as much beer and cocktails as possible is a recipe for disaster.

While working our way through those two interesting hours, I thought the situation was a great analogy for my life. The pizza is all the BS you have to put up with, and the alcohol is the good stuff, if you know what I mean. Obviously I tried to drink as much as I could in an hour, which by my ever decreasing memory, was about six drinks.

Not surprisingly she couldn't get past one and a half. The pizza tastes even worse when you're drunk. They kept putting stuff that looks and tastes kind of like "imitation" meat. Every day I'm coming home to "pizza", and it feels even worse when I'm drunk. Figure that out.

I feel like a genius!