Sunday, 26 September 2010

T Shatsu

I like a good t-shirt.

Being in Japan, I'm always on the lookout for cool shirts in bad english, but I haven't seen ones I've wanted to buy lately. Nevertheless, if I see a shirt that catches my eye, I'll break the piggy bank and get it.

A place that has some good contemporary street wear is Jackpot in Shinjuku. It's where I bought my first pair of red docs.

On the 23rd of August I got this Tuesday Night Band Practice shirt. It says, "If I wasn't born already, rock'n'roll would have to invent me". It looks like something someone in a band would wear. It was only about 1,000 yen, marked down from something like 7,000 yen, so I decided to get it.

A long time ago I saw this "Let Go" t-shirt by Imaginary Foundation. It has some really cool graphics that remind me of Ryuji Otani's artwork. At the time it cost over 5,000 yen so I hesitated. By the time I went back it was gone. Fortunately I saw it again on the 13th of September at half price so I snapped it up for 2,520 yen. Lucky I found it too, as it's been discontinued.

The shirt on the right with the dog is a Grinspoon t-shirt that I won on the 17th off the local radio station, InterFM. They posted it to me and it just arrived yesterday. I think it's pretty hilarious winning an Australian band's t-shirt in Japan. (I'm easily amused though). I really like it. It saved me $40. The "Grinners" are a cool band so I'll happily wear it out.

I highly recommend 76.1 InterFM, especially Global Satellite with Guy Perryman and Sayoko, and the Dave Fromm show, that plays a nice mix of hard rock. It was on his program that I deciphered puresento T shatsu, and shot off an inquisitive email to win the shirt.

While I'm on the subject of t-shirts, I saw online this line of interactive shirts by Noto Fusai. Strangely cool huh?


Limo said...

I love Guy Perryman and InterFM...used to listen to it while jogging. Was always amazed at how NONE of my Japanese students listened to the radio or had heard of any of the shows on InterFM.

Guess they are stuck in JTV land.

Jimmy In Japan said...

I like how InterFM uses a lot of English interspersed with Japanese. I usually listen to them on my way to work, on the trains.

J Wave 81.3 is pretty good too. They play more hip-hop music that the young 'uns are into.