Friday, 31 December 2010

Expectation Leads To Disappointment

Well here I am. This is the last post for 2010.

For the first time since I have been in Japan, I'm staying here instead of going back to Australia for Christmas and New Year's. Just for that reason it feels incredibly strange, even a non-event.

Outside at the moment it's 6 degrees outside. I find it strange that fireworks are not a part of the New Year's celebration, nor is "Auld Lang Syne" which although you hear it everyday as the shops close, it means nothing to Japanese as a NYE song.
What they do here is go to a shrine, pray and ring a bell, maybe watch a sunrise. Fireworks I hear, are probable at Tokyo Disneyland.

At least it's warm in the apartment. I hope to catch a live stream of the fireworks from home, drink a chu-hi, eat a rice cake, and maybe blow my fake iPhone paper whistle.

Usually I try to reflect on the past year and make my resolution for the following year so here goes..

I thought that coming to Japan was necessary for me to change things that maybe I'd done wrong, in a sense starting over again. I think that life is quite cyclical, and this year (in fact every year since the first) has had it's share of deja vu's.

In short, I don't think that I've changed that much at all, and the a*holes will always be around! One of my biggest changes is that recently I've slowly backed away from Facebook. I was reluctant to become a part of it. For a while it was great. I got in contact with a lot of people from school, some people around here, and my buddies in Italy.

But then I noticed the lurkers, the requests from people I didn't know back in the day, generally the ones that I have no interest in keeping in contact with. I could say something about the lack of privacy, but then why have a blog, right? Same thing with email. I miss the lost art of the written letter.

Anyway, my friends know who they are, and I hope the ones that aren't, know that too. A big thanks to them for making me what I am, both good and bad. Oh, and a big shout out to the people that stop by here and say "Hi". Lurking around a blog is a bit creepy. I think on the interwebs it's easy to forget there's a person behind the words.

I'm not making any big predictions for this coming year. Maybe learn that guitar a little bit better, but plans? No, I have no plan. What happens happens. Expectation leads to disappointment.

Happy New Year.


Carlos said...

Thumbs up buddy!
Happy New 2011!!! I wish you lots of health and changes...

Jimmy In Japan said...

Hey thanks Carlos. All the best for you too this year :)