Friday, 11 February 2011

CP+ 2011 Camera & Photo Imaging Show

You might remember this show from the time I went there last year.

I can't remember the last time it rained, but today was a virtual blizzard of snow. It's also a public holiday so with events a little thin on the ground lately, I didn't really want to miss out.

Shows like this are always going to be packed with some very fine Japanese booth girls. Myself, along with other *ahem* "camera enthusiasts" took the opportunity to take lots of pics of sweet young things. OK, I admit it, it's a nice incentive to come check out the camera company's wares.

I failed to mention in the past that I re-bought another Panasonic GH-1. This time I made the menus English, and did a few mods.

I actually bought it virtually to this day in November, but I was still using my Nikon the whole time. I did a quick test yesterday with all my Nikon lenses with a Novoflex adapter. At first it was a bit confusing how to set it up, but once I figured it out, it's actually pretty easy. With third party lenses I have to set aperture, shutter speed, and focus manually.

So today would be my first official outdoor test. I was going to use the 50mm, but I didn't want to change lenses, so I settled for the more versatile 18-200. Apart from forgetting to check the exposure, most of the photos came out really good!

Like I've said before, for indoor photography I think the Nikon has less misses, but what I missed with the GH1 was the video. With my lens adapter, I plan to have quite a bit of fun trying some interesting things out.

I didn't do any video from this camera. Instead while resting my weary feet (and eyes), I did yet another brief time lapse from my iPhone.