Sunday, 24 April 2011

Watch Back Remover

On Saturday night after coming back from drinking I had a eureka moment to use scissors to open the back of my Trapezoid watch to change a battery.

I saw a video that showed the same idea that I had, so I thought then and there to give it a try. I managed to cause a few tiny scratches on it so I gave it up feeling defeated (and drunk tired).

I went into Akihabara today to buy a tool specifically for this purpose. It's three points fit into the notches giving it enough traction to screw open the back.

I found one place on the Internet that was a little over a thousand yen. We looked around if I could find it cheaper, but of that type it was the cheapest.

Along the way I bought a pink multi-card reader, and batteries for the watch. I didn't bring my camera for maid photos although it was the perfect sunny day for it.

Arriving back I wasted no time putting it all together. The back was screwed in VERY tight. There's no way I could have done it with scissors (or say, needle nose pliers). If you do this, get this tool. It will save you a LOT of heartache, and scratches. Trust me.

I like the old proverb, "If you get given a fish you eat for a day. If you learn to catch fish, you eat for your whole life".

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Yoyogi Park Hanami

With some good friends I was goin' to hanami like it's 1999!

The cherry blossoms were dropping their petals like snow.

There were quite a lot of people eating and drinking, and playing badminton!

The weather is finally warming up, so I'm looking forward to more park drinking. Let's drinking!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Chidorigafuchi Cherry Blossoms

We'd been coming here every year to see the cherry blossoms but this year it feels kind of sad that they decided not to set up the floodlights.

Another kick in the face was the remark from Tokyo's governor, Ishihara stating that we shouldn't celebrate cherry blossom parties in respect for the victims of the earthquake.

I think if anything the people here in Tokyo need this more than ever. The cherry blossoms give us a bit of solace, and being able to forget about the troubles (and aftershocks) is really necessary.