Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sign Of My Times


This WAS going to be my last post for this blog. New Year's hardly ever felt "happy" in that I wasn't satisfied with the year that had gone by, and the year that was to come didn't feel like it was going to get any better.

Around this time I felt stung by the favoritism and insincerity of certain people around me. In many ways I've been doing the same thing for six years and not a lot to show for that. I thought it was a good time to kind of disappear quietly. An untitled post and a picture.

I saw this in Shibuya while I was drinking with some friends. It struck a chord with me, and it gave me the release to say goodbye.

So why the change?

The purpose of this blog was to document my time in Japan. Even now I look back and remember the things I did, the junk I bought and where I went. It's been nice that some people have enjoyed my ride and I've liked the feedback from people that have stumbled onto my blog.

A friend mentioned that no one cares if I ate ramen in a restaurant and I kind of agree with that sentiment. My most popular post is my How to use a UFJ ATM write up by far. So maybe less repetition, and maybe a few posts that you guys might be interested in along the way.

In my absence I've been helping lost tourists with directions which made me feel all good inside, so if any of you have a question or just want to say hi, leave a comment or find me on twitter. Give me another reason to keep this going.

I can't promise to be more prolific in postings, but I'm still here, ok?