Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Year Of The Baka

So I've come to the end of another year in Japan. Sometimes I think I should just copy and paste what I wrote in previous years, but this year was a little different I guess.

The big mother quake certainly shook things up in a big way. Contrary to overdone media reports I was fine, but it was a perfect time to make a graceful exit.

But I stayed. Why?

Because I don't know when to quit even when sometimes I know I should. For example, I CAN'T stop buying music gear. While I haven't bought another guitar (yet). I did buy some very groovy 80s Roland boxes and a Korg. Even this blog. Maybe it's ran it's course and I'm just treading water waiting to drown.

Catalyst? Yeah there was. I moved out.

I hesitated, but it was the right thing to do, although I STILL question my decision even now. The apartment is great if a little noisy for damn right wing protesters not shutting the f*ck up!

While I've started this rant I may as keep going for a while. Not so long ago I was thoroughly searched by police. Through my jacket AND wallet. I WAS wearing a big jacket. Very suspicious when it's 6 degrees! I was riled. I was going to write a "Don't come to Japan" post, but I relented.

A few days later I lost my bank security token and memory key on the street. With the help of the koban and some kind person I got it back within 30 minutes. Just when I thought all was good, I went to do my washing in my inconvenient coin laundry. I put my clothes in and started the cycle. No sooner had it started, an old man in the confined space lit up a cigarette!

First I said "sumimasen" (excuse me), then "kusai"(stink) and finally "baka" (idiot). For each time he ignored me. I have to deal with smoke because of the so-called "polite" Japanese in public spaces. The straw is getting shorter.

So that's it. My year in a nutshell. 

I haven't connected my Internet and even though I've been extremely bored out of my mind, it's been a GOOD THING. Just don't expect a post so often, ok?


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Car Girl Exhibition

While it's called the Tokyo Motor Show, it REALLY should be called the "Car Girl Exhibition".

The cars seems to play second fiddle to the girls strategically placed around said vehicle to make it oh so more desirable.

This year they have made a wise decision to hold it at Big Sight in Odaiba instead of far, far away at Makuhari like previous years.

Coming around every two years the anticipation builds up, but the outcome was not going to live up to my expectations. While the concept cars were interesting, there didn't seem to be anything really new.

Even watching Honda's Asimo robot didn't really excite. Apparently now they have made him able to run, but it felt like he was doing the same old poses. Still kind of cute I guess.

Today the place was packed and it was VERY easy to get lost. I hated how families brought their kids here to "play" in the cars. I didn't get to sit in many cars, mostly sitting on Harley-style Japanese motorbikes instead for a few photos.

There's Porsche here for the first time, but nothing new. The Lady Gaga styled car demo was laughable. Most of the car girls weren't that stunning either. Didn't stop all the perves coming along with their cameras though. Almost more fun watching the dweebs get their one day of gratification for the year.

Top prize goes to the Subaru girls. Like two years ago, whoever designs their outfits knows how to turn the heat up on a lukewarm motor show.

The show is on until the 11th (Sunday), so be there, or don't!