Saturday, 31 May 2014

Seven Year Itch

Today would have been my seven years in Japan.

I wished I didn't leave earlier. In the time I have come back, I haven't found a job.  I applied for many kinds of work. I even applied for a position at a famous computer company (yeah, the fruit one), but I didn't get called back for a second interview.

Getting used to living back in Australia wasn't so hard, but I still feel a massive disconnect. After so many years of waking up at midday it's hard to shake THAT habit. To be honest I'm missing Japan a lot.

Since I left Australia there has been an explosion of sushi shops here. I realised very quickly though that sushi pales in comparison to even the worst I tasted in Japan. Most places sell only the sushi rolls which are actually uncommon in Japan, forcing you to rather use your fingers than chopsticks. The fish is often dry and tiny, and the maguro (tuna) is usually the cooked variety. Having said that the best alternative that managed to evoke memories of "home" is Sushi Izu in Woolworths. A little bit pricey, but they're onto a good thing here.

I managed to find green tea ice-cream which thankfully wasn't too bad. It looks like Haagen Dazs closed shop in Australia a few years ago, so no more weird and wonderful flavours from them. Anko or anpan sweets are nowhere to be found.

I was thrilled when I saw that the Japanese dollar shop, Daiso was here, but instantly disappointed when I found out they marked up the prices to $2.80 for everything. Not so much of a bargain anymore. Uniqlo recently opened their first store in Melbourne but looking over the Australian pricing, it seems to be close to double the price.

I don't want this post to wallow in my self pity, so I'm happy to say I have been accepted in an intensive month long uni course that will allow me to teach foreigners English in Australia. Unfortunately that doesn't begin until August, but it is something I am excited and very nervous about.

I was getting a little bored so I decided to get my motorcycle license at the end of February. In Queensland it's pretty easy, and I was licensed in only two days!

Next step was a bike. I had my sights set on a Harley-style cruiser, so I did the next best thing and got myself a new Yamaha 650cc beast. Although it's quite heavy, along with my (temporary?) beard, I look the part.

I've joined some meetup groups which have given me a great opportunity to go for some fun rides and socialise. I kind of regret that I didn't get the licence BEFORE I went to Japan. I even talked with a Japanese expat that is in the same position as I was. He thought Japanese food was expensive here and not as good too! He is also thinking whether it's the right time for him to go back.

Looking back over my blog, it feels like Japan was a dream. As more time passes I am reminiscing the good times. Life was pretty good. What's next for me?