Sunday, 24 January 2010

Chocolate Beer

Japanese have an inventive taste when it comes to food.

You see this most notably with pizza. Pizza, Japanese-style can have lots of corn, chocolate syrup and fruit! If you look at their version of Domino's here, I don't think you'd quite recognise them, and check out the price. Damn!

Cold as it is, I had to go to the supermarket to get some stuff. I said it before, and I'll say it again, I love YaMaYa. It's a great place to get international food without paying too much.

Wandering the (beer) aisle, I saw this Sapporo Royce "Chocolat Brewery" beer. I couldn't resist, I bought it and it actually tastes quite good! It's not a sweet chocolate taste. More like a bitter coffee chocolate mix. Actually almost like a Guiness, but not as thick. You can smell the chocolate when you open the can. Apparently it's supposed to be limited edition. I like it! It's a little pricey, but I'm VERY tempted to get me some more of this. Very drinkable.

I got a litre of some peach schnapps too for only 980 yen. That'll be a nice alcohol fix for now. I'm off chu-hi for the time being.

I'm getting the spending bug again. With the big Sakuraya sale, I finally bought a camera tripod. I picked up a Velbon CX 560 for 2,926 yen. It was 50% off. It didn't have a box, bag or instructions but that's a bargain. It's strong and it can double as a poor man's mic stand.

Some other things are on the horizon to buy. I might let you know as they come to fruition. No, not more guitars. At least we can hope not.

Today I fixed my sagging Switcheasy Rebel iPhone case. The bottom lip was quite loose and exposing the chrome bevel. From the interwebs I read a great fix. Basically you heat up the bottom. They suggest a hair dryer. I used the gas stove. It does melt easily, so DON'T do it for too long!

Then you put the iPhone cardboard insert into the case and wrap a rubber band top to bottom. Put it in the freezer for about ten minutes and it's done. It works! It looks much better now. I hope this helps others. A good turn..