Thursday, 25 February 2010

Mic Check One Two

On Monday I broke my self-imposed UFO catcher ban, and tried for a kuma relative of "Huggy". Here I'm trying to give it some Macdonalds coffee. Not even a bear can stomach that..

It took 400 yen to get it. I've called it "Fluffy", full name "Fafa Fluffy"! I like this one better. It has nicer fur than the other one. I think I'm safe though. No urge to keep playing again for a while we can hope.

On Tuesday I made the winning bid on a practically new Rode NT1-A condenser microphone. For 12,300 yen the mic was mine. I noticed he lived near Yokohama and by chance I was going to be there the next day, so I asked if I could pick it up. Like the other guy, he insisted on posting it. This time 900 yen. A little steep for 3kg but I'm still pleased with the price I got it for.

It's strange that this Australian mic is cheaper here than back home. It arrived in a Shiseido box at about noon. I wasted no time opening the box. It looks great and I'm really happy with the sound. A big difference from a dynamic, especially compared to that cheap mic I bought for 1,000 yen way back. Ha ha.

I can't believe how sensitive and quiet it is. I have to be careful to make sure I don't record the outside sounds that could easy leak onto a recording. The package came with a long microphone cable, shockmount and a pop shield. Taking that into account, I virtually got the mic for free!

I might have found a new addiction with Yahoo Auctions. Today I also swung a pair of new looking Docs for a nice price. They're a few other things I'm keeping my eye on too. I'm pretty happy right now.