Friday, 13 August 2010

Two Year Old Chocolate

I planned to use my old backpack for Summer Sonic and the Mt Fuji climb.

Cleaning out my bag I found a whole lot of things that I'd either forgotten about, or spent ages looking for elsewhere. One was the awesome train map that shows EVERY train in Tokyo and Kanagawa in English and in Japanese. Ever since I had my iPhone though I haven't had as much need for it as before.

Another surprise was a completely unopened Ghana chocolate block. The only thing is the due date was "2009/10".
I hate wasting chocolate, so I checked on the internet if it's ok to eat old chocolate. (I also found out how to unstuck two glasses we had together) On most sites it said that it was ok, so I went forth and chowed it down.

It was quite dried out, brittle and a paler brown colour but otherwise tasted all right. I hope I don't have to do that again. It definitely wasn't the same as eating a fresh one, that's for sure.

After I consumed the whole thing, I found the old Donki receipt where I had bought it.
On the receipt it said "2008/11/26". So in actual fact the chocolate was close to two years old. Seeing that made me feel slightly queasier, but now that it's been a while since I ate, I give it the all clear!