Sunday, 28 April 2013

Meguro Sky Garden

On this day we went to the Meguro Sky Garden. What's so special about it? Check this out.

From the outside it looks like a concrete Roman coliseum. Atop the Shuto expressway is a landscaped garden looking over the Meguro ward. Surprisingly being on top of a freeway the sound of cars is not noticeable at all.

It's about a fifteen minute walk down the 246 from Shibuya, but if you'd rather take the train the closest station is Ikejiri-Ohashi station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line.

For some strange reason it reminds me of the High Line urban renewal development I saw in New York. Similar feeling elevated garden. While it's a novel idea, I probably won't come back. If I lived around here it would be a great place to have a picnic and a few drinks, but for now and forever Yoyogi park takes that special place in my heart.