Friday, 29 May 2015

Happy Endings Are Only In Movies

When I first started my blog I tried to use Jimmy IN Japan as my URL. Unfortunately back then someone else had first dibs on the name so I had to spell it "jimmynjapan". Even to this day that douche way back in 2004 only wrote one post to say he was testing it out and hasn't written since.

Still over time I've come to like my forced title. Not only could it have the generic meaning, but I guess if you said it fast enough it could read as Jimmy AND Japan.

In Japanese "sayonara" is a goodbye that is not often said in reality, but as a final goodbye meaning pretty much the end. That post was intended to be my swan song but I guess my readers, or at least a really persistent one is encouraging me to write on.

So as I sit in a cold sweat in total darkness contemplating my future I stare at that URL thinking what do I have left to write?

Even though I spent close to seven years in Japan I felt like I came back earlier than I really wanted to. My mission statement remains unfulfilled, and I don't think things have changed as I wishfully hoped. The people that asked when I was coming back are now noticeably absent, and some that I left behind in Japan, that at times made me feel forgotten tell me that I am missed!

After the Celta I didn't have trouble getting work. At first I had more offers than I expected. I actually worked at two schools simultaneously, but I am now only working for one. Without getting into too many details, from what I've found most schools are fairly similar. The main differences I've noticed are the choice of textbooks and facilities. Every school so far has only offered casual work and while I don't mind the pay at all, the security of knowing if my work will continue or be "on call" is a bit disconcerting.

I'm happy with the school I'm working for. The staff are really nice and the students are awesome. Speaking of students, there's quite a difference between teaching only Japanese students, and teaching a melting pot of various nationalities. Right now, I think I've finally found my feet but in the beginning it was a real challenge.

One of my greatest strengths is my rapport. I think it has really helped me out. In fact I feel like I have better rapport with foreigners than Australians! Every day makes me feel like I'm not in this country and on a semi-permanent vacation (kind of what Japan was) and for that I am thankful.

I miss Japan terribly for all the good things and I seem to have forgotten most of the bad. This won't be my last post but like everything in life it has to end sometime.