Monday, 6 July 2009

Getting Some Oxygen

I had a great day at kindergarten today. Despite the wet weather, the kids were really soaking up the vibe, and having a fun time like me.

In my insanity I brought my laptop along because I intended to try out a Midiman Oxygen 8 USB midi keyboard later from TC Gakki in Shin Okubo. Unfortunately carrying it in my shoulder bag made it feel like it weighed a ton after a short time.

By the time work was over, the weather allowed me to get there without much of a hassle.

They let me plug it into my laptop to see how if I liked it. I did.

I was there easily at least an hour. Although I can use the laptop keys, playing on a real keyboard feels 100% better with chords and melodies far easier to play. I tried to talk down the 5,250 yen price but like most Japanese music stores they didn't budge at all. It's not the latest model, but for what I want it for it suits me fine.

I thought the two octave keys wouldn't be enough but playing various things it wasn't a problem. The portability and USB make up for that. Looks like I'll be able to take this one back one day too.

It's a relief to take a break from guitar buying (I did try an Edwards directly against a Gibson today. The Gibson won btw).

Writing songs in the park with this new toy should be sweet. Bring on the Tokyo techno!