Sunday, 12 July 2009

Cats And The Canal Cafe

It was a beautiful day today.

Although it's summer, most days lately have been overcast and/or rainy. It doesn't even feel as hot as the last two years. Either that, or I'm starting to get used to the humid weather.

I didn't get to bed till about 4am last night (I mean morning). I was playing my guitar using a software amp, recording a video with my webcam and syncing them together. Originally I tried recording into my lappy with a direct out of my Mesa, but it didn't sound as good as I'd hoped.

It went pretty well. I managed to sync it up nicely, but being shirtless, I'll spare anyone from that for the time being. Anyway, back to today.

As you'd expect I was quite tired and didn't really feel like doing too much today. We went to the supermarket for some discount icecream and a short time checking out the Yotsuya library.

Arriving back to the apartment, the downstairs cats saw our shopping bags and looked hungry.

While the gf put the rest of the icecream in the freezer, I waited on the road, with the cats circling me looking like they'd attack me for the two icecreams I was holding.

One of them jumped into my lap scaring the bejesus out of me.

I let them lick the plastic, but I wasn't giving mine up. Before we set off again, I was asked to take some pics of the greedy little neko..

We soon made our way to the Canal Cafe in Iidabashi. From checking my blog, we haven't been back since 2007, so seeing it was such a nice day, it was a good call. The last time I was here I only had my phone cam, so these photos came out much better.
There were big carp fish coming close to the boardwalk like last time. This time I didn't have any ice to feed them.

Where is it?

Plug these co-ordinates: 35°42'0.29"N139°44'33.87"E into Google Maps for the exact location. The food can be a little pricey, but for a coffee (or beer) it's a nice place to spend a sunday afternoon.