Saturday, 30 January 2010

Akiba Maid Dolls

It's always good to wander around Shibuya after work.

First I went to the Ikebe side and checked my internet on the open wifi near to 246. Then I bought some Ritz crackers that are going to go well with my guacamole dip from the best 100 yen drugstore where 100 yen is REALLY 100 yen.

Making my way to the other side, I went to Ishibashi and my favourite otaku store where I bought my new Akihabara maid dolls. Candy and Cherry are back in Australia so I was getting lonely again.



At the moment I've named them Emi and Risa for no other reason than an Emi I know would make a super Akiba maid if only for her love of Tokyo Disneyland and Mickey Mouse, and Risa because it's cute how Japanese can't say "Lisa".

I saw a Kimba the White Lion money box, blue Totoro and a weird Japanese block figure there too, but I thought the dolls would do me fine for now.

Looks like there's ANOTHER new guitar store in Shibuya. Rock Inn have opened up a branch on the upper level (5th, I think) of the HMV building. I was thinking it would be a small one, but it was actually pretty big. Epiphone has released a cheaper copy of the Gibson Tak Matsumoto DC Custom.

For a Gibson, I think this is the first new design that I think has potential to open up a new look and market away from the Les Paul shape. I actually really don't like Eppy's and this one sadly was no different. The neck felt horrible for me to play and the pickups felt seriously weak even though I was playing through a JCM800. Pity.

Before heading back I wanted to check out Rock On. It's a small music recording equipment store, a little on the outer fringe of the central Shibuya thoroughfare. There may be a purchase from here in the not too distant future.

On the way back I perused through Tower Records, and then went to Bic Camera to have a look at some lenses and alcohol.

They were selling that Chocolate Beer so I bought two cans. I wanted to see if it was just a fluke I liked it. Nope, still good. I may have to get a 24 can for about 5,000 yen box, it's that good! Oh. At the cashier they had this Zima Orange drink for 108 yen (53% off), so I grabbed it. It tastes just like Fanta. You can see the chocolate beer in the background.

Mmm.. Chocolate beer and Akihabara maids. Is there anything better?