Saturday, 6 February 2010

Ao Oni

Ever since I tried this beer, I'd been looking for it everywhere.

It's called Aooni ("Blue Demon") or India Pale Ale. I tried it at one of the parties, and I thought it wasn't bad. It's a 7% strong beer that's quite easy to drink.

I managed to find it in the Tokyu supermarket in Aobadai. I went in at opening time. If you've ever been there then, it's the strangest experience. Walking past EVERY aisle I got bowed to by ALL the staff.

It was so awkward. It happened so much it felt like they were taking the piss. I've noticed the same thing happen at department stores at closing time as well. To give you an impression what it felt like, watch this video.

On this second tasting, this beer didn't appeal to me all that much. It cost close to 300 yen, but I think the much cheaper Suntory draft 8% Strong tastes not a whole lot different, and an extra 1% makes all the difference ;)

Likely this will be the last time I get this, AND the last time I go to a supermarket at opening time.


Adam Smith Lieberfarb said...

You need to give this IPA a second chance but be sure to pour it into a glass first, mate! This brewer also makes my current favorite pale ale, Yona-Yona Ale. I can't get enough of it in this weather. If you like stout, then try Tokyo Black from the same brewer. My beer-festival buddy swears by it.

Jimmy In Japan said...

Ao Oni is getting much easier to find these days. I see it in my local supermarket now. I'm more often drinking the evil chu-hi mixes. There's a 9% Sparx chu-hi now! If I get back to beers, I'll give these a try!