Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chu-Hi 9%!

Since I've been in Japan, I'm probably drinking more often than when I arrived, or else it seems like that.

For quite a while now I've had most Saturday nights on alcohol-fueled highs. Station beers haven't been as satisfying as they were in the past, but I think my Saturdays are definitely making up for that.
The alcohol companies seem to try to up the stakes in their alcohol content. This is one that I had on a station beer night. It proudly states 9%, but I think it's just a clever marketing strategy to coerce you into buying it. My cheap and nasty Daiei chu-hu is 6%, but it's made me feel much more light-headed than this one.

On this particular night, we had an old Japanese women come up to us saying, "Give me money!" We just looked at each other in disbelief. Ah, you Japanese. Always the jokers.
While a little bored on this particular night, I thought I'd make a quick time-lapse video from my iPhone. There's no sound and it was shot in portrait, so just a little something to show you life, or lack there-of on a typical Wednesday evening.

If you want to see a much cooler Yokohama video, check this time-lapse out. I ♥ Yokohama.