Friday, 30 July 2010

Do you want Fries ストラップ with that?

When I first came to Japan one of the first things I noticed was that just about everyone had a phone strap/charm hanging off the ends of their cell phones. Some of these were quite big and laughable. Yes, the need to conform was so strong that even I had one on my phone too.

I'm guessing since the iPhone, this "trend" has thankfully mostly faded away because there is nowhere to actually hang one off it, and contrary to what most outsiders might think, the iPhone IS incredibly popular in Japan.

In my opinion, Japanese phones are quite ordinary in comparison. Maybe five or so years ago, a Japanese keitei was better, but since "western" smartphones came to being, the rest of the world caught up.

Macdonalds are doing a food strap promotion at the moment.

From what I've just said, I find it amusing there's an iPhone in their promotional photos.

There's six to collect. You can either buy a set of them for 3,980 yen *yikes* , or you can buy a large happy meal and get a random choice for "free". I say "random" meaning no choice at all, because they are in a sealed opaque packet that they just hand you. I made a video just for you to show you an unwrapping.
After little over a week of posting my video, I've already got 130 views! I guess it helps writing the tags in Japanese. Ha.

So, the "cheapest" way to get hold of these is to get a cheeseburger large meal, which depends where you get it from, it'll be 550-600 yen. So, this is my new "pursuit" in Japan. Show me the carrot and I'll chase it.

First I got the fillet o' fish burger strap, followed in the same day (yes two, "not so happy" meals), by the fries one. Since making the video, I've also got the Big Mac and the Coffee cup. Now all I need is the quarter pounder and apple pie straps to complete my set!

Wish me luck.