Saturday, 18 September 2010

Serengeti Via Veneto Sunglasses

Anyone that reads my blog knows that I like my Oakleys, especially those wonderful 80s vintage Frogskins.

Before I came to Japan I also had, and still do, a pair of Serengeti Via Veneto sunglasses. While I prefer the Oakleys, and the $20 cheap Polaroids do the job fine here in Tokyo, I saw a pair just like my Serengeti's back home.

In Australia this brand retails for up to $300. I didn't want to bring mine here, in case I lost or broke them.

I went to Bingo in Shibuya, a recycle shop that's part of the Book Off chain. I saw them for 9,900 yen. I asked the sales guy if he could bring them down to 9,000 yen, but as usual he refused, so I let it go for the moment.

The following week they had a 30% off sale (6,930 yen!). I was really surprised they were still there, so I snapped them up. They look practically new, the lens and frame are unscratched, but the nose pads are slightly yellowed.

This model (6732) has been discontinued so I think I'm quite lucky to get a second chance to find these again. The lenses are photochromatic and I think they look great.