Monday, 20 September 2010

Tokyo Photo Exhibition 2010

Today is "Respect for the Aged" day. To me it's another Monday off ("Yippee!"). I'm pretty sure most Japanese people are thinking the same thing. Usually when I ask what these national holidays are about, they are as clueless as I am. This is how I find out these things. Click here.

Like most of my days off when I have nothing in particular planned, it means a wonderful day of sleeping in, and dreaming of things I wished for in reality.

So I can tell people all the exciting things I get up to in my free time, I actually sometimes have to get off my ass, and go places. Today's place had to be Tokyo Photo 2010. I say had to, because today's the last day.

This photo exhibition was held at the Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. I didn't think I'd need my SLR, so I left it at home. As soon as I got there I regretted it. Being on the 40th floor, the view from the windows is great. At times it distracted me from looking at the photos of the exhibition.
As expected there were a few gratuitous shots of full frontal naked girl photos. It's funny how in these surroundings it's classed as "art".

There were photos that I thought weren't that impressive. Anyone could've taken them, and mounted them in framed glass. I really liked the city montages from Sohei Nishino though. The Tokyo one looked great. The cheapest was 70,000 yen for a small one. Yikes.

Yesterday I missed TGS, which by most accounts was a bit of yawn. I did want to try out, "Gal Gun".

Only in Japan.


Thomas Hammerlund said...

I remember those days with no plans I had when living in Tokyo. Those were good times.