Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas 2010

I'm glad that the Christmas craft lessons have come and gone.

My favourite activity though was making the Christmas stockings. The needles were impossible to thread, but when they were finished they actually looked pretty good!

Unfortunately even though we had the Emperor's birthday holiday off, the powers that be made us work an extra day before Christmas. Luckily no kids, but it meant a fully booked seven lesson day. Thankfully it went relatively quickly and seeing that it started a whole three hours earlier it gave a bit more time to start to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

I thought to catch happy hour in the local pub only to find the place practically empty. They had the great idea to put me away in a corner away from other people. Great. May as well do this at home!

Anyway I made a very quick change of plan. Without buying any drinks, I caught the subway to Shinjuku to look at the Christmas lights around Takashimaya Square.

There were lots of people despite a windy five degree chill. As usual the penguins were out on show.

Here's a video time lapse I did on my iPhone. Brrr..

Before heading home we had some okonomiyaki here again.

It starts like this..

and ends up like this :D

Christmas day was fairly quiet, and sleepy. I gave her the Avenue Q theatre ticket, and I got two graniph t-shirts, this Animal Matrix, and this Control Bear one. cute huh?

Merry Christmas everyone!