Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tartan Days

I have to say I really love the EMS service. The first box posted on Thursday was already delivered by Monday!

The second box posted on Friday would've arrived on the same day if the Aussie Post didn't fluff the delivery address. Instead it, and the third box arrived today. Still, considering it travelled over the weekend, I think that is super fast. They mentioned that one of the boxes had been damaged, but I heard that all was received in good order.

I was in Shinjuku on Monday, so after work I picked up tickets to a theatre show I decided would make a good Christmas present.

There are many Christmas sales so we looked around and I saw some tartan pants in Taka-Q, next to ABC Mart.

I dismissed this shop in the past because it seemed like a very um, "metrosexual" kind of fashion. Quite appropriate when you look at the J-boys around here.

You're probably thinking "tartan?". Well, these are a bit more "punk rocker" than "avid golfer". I used to wear a pair back in the old gigging days playing in a band. I tried on a black and white pair, and a more reddish one. They actually looked pretty good.

I didn't have enough to buy them right then.I'd spent most of the money I had on me on the tickets, so I got them to hold them and I went back again today.

While I was there I went to the guitar store to try a Jackson PC-1. I tried it out a long time ago when it was something like 350,000 yen. At the moment it's 198,000 yen , and calling me. The gold hardware has a little bit of tarnish, but the transparent finish looks incredible, like 3D. I like Jackson guitars, but I've gone off pointy headstocks. This one has a Fender shaped one which appeals to me more too.

A Fender Triple Tele and maybe another Jem is also whispering sweet nothings in my ear. After the headache with that drum kit, you'd think I'd learnt my lesson.

Doesn't seem like it.