Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Usually Wednesday is my Yokohama day.

Coming back to work on the first day I was instead stationed at Kinshicho. I often pass by this station. It's a very active area, although there aren't too many shops to my liking. How do I judge that? No UFO catcher arcades, or guitar shops.

One great thing about coming here is that I get the chance to take some pictures of the Tokyo Sky Tree. Last time I came here it was 398m high. Today it's already up to 539m.

Like before there are still many people watching it's progress. I've even saw tour groups! There was a strategically placed Sky Tree cafe along the main road, so there's no shortage of people looking to cash in on it's location.

Even though it's not completed yet, the main structure is quite visible with only the last 100m of spire/antenna left to go. As well the neighbouring building is taking shape.

Passing by on the train everyone always checks out its progress, including me.

Won't be long till it's finished.