Monday, 28 February 2011

The Gaijin Menu

If you've ever travelled in Europe, I'm pretty sure most people have heard of the "tourist menu".

It's conveniently all the meals translated for you in English. There is also an English translation for the price, which with exchange rates in the SAME currency, means you pay a higher premium more than the locals.

Now in Europe I can kind of understand the rip-off mentality, but with Japan's reputed honesty, I'd thought that this would just not happen here. I never noticed it before today. I guess I was wrong, wasn't I?

Let's open up the shame file!

After watching the concert we went to Tsurutontan, an udon restaurant.

The food itself was very delicious. I had the Spicy Sesame Udon, and she had the Tomato Creamy Udon. See those prices?

Now, have a look at this receipt. Notice anything a little different?

Sure, the prices on the receipt are cheaper. I was with a Japanese person. Had I been with other foreigners, I have no doubt that I would have gotten the "special" inflated prices.

Has this happened to you?

Shame Japan Shame.


Thomas Hammerlund said...

No way. I'm going to have to be more careful in the future - and brush up on my Spanish.

Jimmy In Japan said...

I was thinking the Italians. Trust no one!