Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bad Cop

I can't remember the exact reason why I bought these mirrored sunglasses. I was looking at the Rayban aviator style and thought they looked pretty cool.

I tried on the Oakley (Plaintiff) version and found a pair on Yahoo Auctions. They set me back 13,500 yen, but they were much cheaper than new ones.

I wasn't expecting the delivery on a Sunday so when I failed to answer the door I found the undeliverable slip. While the Sagawa courier still do deliveries, their branches are actually closed. I ended up chasing down a delivery truck to get them to redeliver it. Hard to do when the guy didn't speak English.

He did manage to say "Star Wars" when he heard my R2-D2 sms ring though.

I'm quite liking these sunnies but I did find out a few days later that the screw on one of the arms had been overtightened and I couldn't adjust the arm's looseness.

Another teacher often wore his dark sunglasses even at night. (Now that's a classic song) I thought it was silly but sometimes lately I've been wearing these on the train, and I can see how some people feel uncomfortable, but I can see why the other guy does it.

It's nice having my own privacy even on a train, and for once I'm not the one feeling uncomfortable for being watched.