Saturday, 4 May 2013

Shinjuku Park

Shinjuku gyoen is a park MUCH closer to my house. You're probably wondering why I don't do my debauched drinking, and playing guitar there instead of Yoyogi Park?

I came here on this (Greenery) day, and since it was free today, I may as well see what I wasn't missing. Sure the Taiwanese pavilion is kind of nice. The greenhouse is kind of cool to all the geeky camera nerds with macro lenses. Oh, and you can't forget that rose garden. Unforgettable.

Their website amusingly states:

1. To bring items listed below.

  • Animals, or pets (except assistance dogs)
  • Bicycles, tricycles (except pushchairs), or trolleys
  • Alcohol
  • Plants

  • 2. To do the activities below.

  • Roller-skating, rollerblading
  • Playing with radio-controlled helicopters, radio-controlled cars, and similar products
  • Playing badminton
  • Playing frisbees, or boomerangs
  • Rope-jumping
  • Playing soccer and other activities using balls
  • Kite-flying

  • 3. Disrupting natural habitat such as:

  • Taking out or damaging the plants
  • Taking or causing injury to mammals, birds, or fish
  • Climbing trees
  • Feeding animals

  • 4. Activities which may disrupt other visitors.

  • Entering by car (except administrative vehicles)
  • Collecting donations
  • Smoking other than in smoking areas
  • Getting drunk and making other visitors uncomfortable

  • 5. Impairing scenery.

  • Throwing out or leaving rubbish other than throwing it into trash
  • Setting flags and putting posters
  • Bringing in a tent, parasol, table, chair, or such outdoor goods

  • 6. Activities which disrupts the garden administration.

  • Making the facilities dirty or damaging them on purpose
  • Entering restricted areas
  • Swimming in the ponds
  • Building a fire, or using products that cause fire or smoke
  • Taking fallen leaves, branches, or flowers and taking them home
  • Playing musical instruments, using audio goods, or speaking over a loudspeaker

  • What they really mean is that all the fun things to do in a park are actually prohibited. On top of that the usual entry is 200 yen.  No thanks. I'll do my getting drunk and making other visitors feel uncomfortable for free!

    Ueno Zoo was also free today too so we did a two in one. SO many people. No chance to see the pandas again. Dang.