Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Shiny Pretty Things

I like things that twinkle.

Yesterday in Shinjuku I saw a flash in the corner of my eye.

I was mesmerized by the sparkle of a chrome top Dimarzio Paf Pro, sitting in the pickup box in the Rock Inn.

Of course I don't need it, so I was trying for an hour or so to justify spending the money for something I totally didn't need.

Although I'm finding new love with my Steinberger, it was criminally ignored by my recent devotion to all things Jem. Through my laptop it sounds quite sweet with it's neutral sound in software sims, but through my tube amp it left a little bit more wanting.

So trying really hard not to buy another guitar, an upgrade in a pickup seems a reasonable compromise. I'm even considering dropping in a sustainer in this one somewhere down the line.

Needless to say after all that consideration I went home empty-handed until today. I was researching as much information as I could online, and it seems to be a good replacement for the stock pickups. Before work I couldn't bear to think someone else may have bought it, so I quickly went back into Shinjuku and grabbed it.

The price was quite reasonable, and I'm sure I could re-sell it for a profit, but as soon as I left the music store I had a little bit of doubt. Maybe I should have got the higher powered Tone Zone? No, that looked boring. This would even look interesting on my mirror Jem. Too late to turn back now. They charge about 2,600 yen and a week to install it, so I'm considering this another DIY job.

Time to learn me some soldering!