Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Sweet Miku-chan

Although I try to stay away from playing the UFO catchers, I still have been going regularly to check out what new goodies they put in to tempt me once more.

Luckily not so much lately, but today in Yokohama's Taito Station I saw the cute 'lil Miku Hatsune dolls, and after I watched a guy fail to drop one, I thought I'd try my luck to finally get one of my own.

Seems like she's quite a popular one among the otaku. If I see one in a shop, it usually carries a higher price like the more risque, hentai variety.

Even with help from staff, it was a bitch to get in.

At what I thought was going to be the final shot, it was stuck in the hole. I thought she'd give it to me, but instead gave me the money shot to spend another 100 yen. Lucky it was 100 yen day. All up 1,000 yen.

Not bad, not great.

This will hopefully be the last for a while. I sure hope so. Jimmy be strong.