Thursday, 17 September 2009

GH1 Sample Pics and Drinking Hijinks

Last Saturday I went to a party.

At first it was turning into my worst nightmare. I was the only native English speaker at first, and most of the others were guys. Thankfully two cute Japanese girls joined the proceedings a little later and Jimmy was much, much happier to be there.

Unfortunately the alcohol didn't quite go the distance as usual, but I had a good amount to keep me happy. The okonomiyaki tasted good too.

As usual last night we had station beers outside Yokohama station.

For once, we had a girl approach us (in contrast to the drunk salarymen). She looked at me first. She didn't speak very good English but from what I kind of understood she wanted (cheap) English lessons and/or a boyfriend.

A guy that was hanging around us gave her a candy, and told her we were dangerous. We got a little suspicious thinking it may have been some kind of scam, so myself and one of the others bailed to catch one of the last trains. Jude took her to the Hub for a beer.

Looks like everything has turned out ok from the last I heard from him. By the way, there's a new Krispy Kreme inside Yokohama Station now. Uh oh..

Although I haven't taken many pictures with my new GH1, I have to say I'm really happy with the quality of the photos and video. Even low light photos have turned out better than I expected. Here's a few to give you an idea..

This is the cat that lives under our apartment. There's some really nice detail in the fur.

During the week we ordered some Pizza Hut delivery. 2,400 yen for two pizzas. Japanese pizzas don't have as much meat as back home, but these both hit the spot that night. Yum.

Speaking of food, this menu display outside Hidakaya looks appetizing doesn't it? It's not unusual to go into a restaurant based on the look of the fake plastic food. We come here often. The price is right.

When I first arrived in Japan, I thought there were more vending machines than people. After the apocalypse there will only be cockroaches and these.

This is looking across into Kabukicho, Shinjuku with the JR line in the foreground.

Here is Ichigaya station. I was quite surprised how this turned out considering the low light in the area. I was expecting it to be slightly out of focus. It captures a nice atmosphere.

I've done a few videos that look nothing short of amazing. They're not what I want to show for public display (It's mostly the mess everywhere in the apartment). Hopefully soon I'll show you all something wonderful of Tokyo with this great camera.