Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Neon Yellow Frogskins

When I went back to Australia, I left both pairs of Oakley Frogskins there to make sure I wasn't going to lose or break them here in Japan.

I kept my cheap $20 Polaroid pair here so I had something to wear on the occasional, very rare sunny Tokyo day.

While they do a reasonable job they're not as good as those Oakleys. It just so happens that browsing through the Bingo recycle shop I saw one of the limited editions Frogskins for a bit more than a quarter of what I paid for my brand new ones looking practically brand new. The catch? They're bright neon yellow.. Aye, there's the rub..

They quite loudly scream, "HERE I AM". They will soon be dubbed my "Elton Johns".

But you know what, I get looked at plenty as it is, and the fact that they have Fire Iridium mirror finish lenses mean I can look at those hot Japanese girls unknowingly while they try to work me out, makes me feel more ok about it.

While the price was great, I saw just after I got my change back a 5% off coupon which would have instantly saved me a couple hundred yen. The Japanese cashier gave it to me and said "Next time". What an A**. Great customer service yet again.