Monday, 23 November 2009

Hip Hip Hooray

My special day has come up once again.

Last year I attempted to organise a get together which only left me feeling worse than not doing anything at all.

This year, I did just that. Nothing. Maybe if I was much younger I'd expect a big fanfare, but now I'd rather forget.

What reinforced this was that all the well-wishes were from people not even in Japan! Many others all over the world sent me messages which was great to hear though. Thank YOU.

One thing about teaching here is that a lot of the teachers are just out of uni and they can be so immature. So much of the backstabbing and gossip reminds me of high school sometimes. The stuff I hear about others only makes me think what people are saying about me behind my back.

Anyway.. I know it must be hard, nay impossible for the gf to choose things for me. I'm a bit of a prick in that I don't let on or give hints about what I like.

So.. this time I got a Elmo Live! talking plushie. Dunno what to say. It appeals to my otaku senses. I remember seeing it in Shibuya last time we were there. I once wanted a "Tickle me Elmo", but this is kind of sweet. Irritating sometimes, but so is a gf.

We did eventually leave the house to eat at Paul's and later walked around Jingu Gaien to see some Autumn leaves. Of course I had to have a drink or two to celebrate in the final hours. That along with finally finishing the Pecorino cheese. It takes a long time to finish two 1 kg chunks of cheese! I'm sure I'll pick some more up when I go home this New Year's.

かんぱい everyone!