Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Shoes

I went to Ochanomizu and Akihabara today again on my day off.

I shouldn't do it, but I love looking at lots of pretty guitars that I wish I owned. Although I didn't buy anything, I did try a 50s LTD Les Paul that was a green colour instead of the blue that I sadly missed out on. This sounded good too, but was too scratched up to persuade me to get it.

With every pair of shoes I've had, they've all eventually lost their waterproofing, and I've often found myself uncomfortable in soggy, wet socks.

I didn't want to spend a lot of money on shoes so I was going to torture myself with another pair of Sanpei shoes, but I found a pair of comfortable shoes in Fareg Shoes called "Field Trip" on sale for only 1,980 yen.

There were some Gorilla 517-NBL hiking style boots for 2,980 yen that I liked the style of, but they were a lot more pointy, and they didn't have any smaller sizes so I settled on the other ones.

On the way home we popped into Maccas. It was the last day of our free coffee coupons so we had two cups. McChickens at the moment are 100 yen so I had two of those, and a hot apple pie too. I was hungry and I didn't care if that meant Macdonalds was the chosen option.

Oh, almost got a Darth Vader helmet with a voice changer for 1,050 yen in Akky today. I was *this* close to getting it. :O


Thomas Hammerlund said...

Consider yourself lucky that you can find shoes here in your style [that you like].

Jimmy In Japan said...

I was more looking for price-conscious shoes, rather than stylish ones. Some might say I'm devoid of any style anyway. I was mostly looking for work shoes, so style wasn't much of a priority.

Thomas Hammerlund said...

I hope they're comfortable if you're working in them.

Jimmy In Japan said...

They suck a whole lot less than the 1,000 yen pair I had for a year. Those were like walking with bare feet, and I think I had calluses on my heels.

I wore them today walking a lot and I think these will do just fine.