Monday, 4 January 2010

Home Is Where The Big Screen TV Is

I had a bit of a debate with my brother about where home is.

Is it where you live now? Is it where you grew up?

He said that where he lives now is home. I said, "Home is where the family is". So, in my case home is my parent's house. I always know that when I need refuge from this place there is someplace that will always be there for me.

Tokyo, nay Japan will NEVER be home to me. Why? Well one reason is people like this. (Thanks, Jude)

Who's that, you ask? He's the guy who rudely interrupted our usual drinking session by swinging his cane, yelling "Japan's Rules", probably trying to tell us off for drinking in public, which actually is quite legal in this country, while nearby there were (Japanese) smokers in a clearly marked "no smoking" area.


Although it hasn't been that long since I was back home, I am glad I was here. The weather was a big letdown. It was either raining or overcast most days. Definitely not beach weather.

It felt GREAT to drive. At every opportunity I wanted to drive my car. My dad put racing seats on his, MY convertible, so I feel more like a poser than I want to be. They look a bit big for my car, but I'm quickly getting used to it.

I tried to play all my guitars but with so many now, I "forgot" to play my Jem. Oh well. I even took apart my old Les Paul Standard for a much needed cleanup and inspecting the pickups I found some nice surprises. No wonder I love this baby! I plan to put two of my collection on eBay so we'll see how that goes to alleviate my guilt.

Catching up with friends was a little bit disappointing. I had an opportunity to go to Noosa to stay at a resort, but I wasn't keen for the 2 hour or so drive up there. I had lunch with Elly and we watched Avatar 3D which you should see even if only for the 3D rather than the story.

Later we checked out the APT (Asia Pacific Triennial) at the Southbank art galleries. I was really looking forward to seeing this exhibition. It's on only once every 3 years so it's worth seeing.

On Tuesday's one dollar rentals I rented out Terminator Salvation, Inglourious Basterds and for a laugh, All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane. It's not a great film but the scenes of Brissie made me feel nostalgic and homesick (while I WAS home).

New Year's Eve felt a little hollow. I was thinking of going out drinking but I was tired. As midnight came closer, I drove my car to an empty allotment overlooking the city. I sat in my car and watched the fireworks bursting over Southbank. It lasted only ten minutes. There were quite a few people in the same place watching them as well, but no-one said "Happy New Year" to me.

I had a V drink (Aussie genki drink) to keep me awake and did the rounds of the Brisbane city and Valley in my car to see what I might be missing. By the looks of things, not that much.

When I got back home I decided to get drunk with my bro's James Squire Golden Ales, and later played my guitar in semi-darkness. I can't remember all that I played, but I somehow have a slightly tipsy recording of a melancholy Miracle Of Love on my iPhone.

I only went to the Down Under once this time. I bought a $6 pint and settled in to the casual vibe of the place. I met a group of guys who kindly refilled my glass often enough that I didn't have to buy another drink. Nice. I love this place!

The days went by so fast that it felt like I had to leave in no time so much so that I almost missed my flight back! The gf constantly nagged me about when I was arriving back in Tokyo. My flight was leaving at 1250am Monday the 4th. In my mind I was thinking Monday night, but it was actually Sunday night, right?

I had plenty of time to pack. I didn't bring many clothes so my suitcase was again another 20kg of cheese, biscuits, coffee and sweets. Yummy, but heavy! On the plane I wanted to watch a few movies, but I could hardly keep my eyes open to get through them. Tired yes, but the beer helped that too.

I had to transit again through Hong Kong airport. They were still playing christmas carols! えー? Hopefully I'll get the chance this year to actually have a look around this city instead of just the airport.

Arriving back in Tokyo I didn't feel anything. The same fingerprinting and photo. I caught the train back with little trouble. Around me only Japanese faces.

Welcome back.


avatar said...

Going for a holiday to the parent's house for a week doesn't qualify as "living" there.

Whether you like living there or not doesn't change the fact whether you do actually live there or not, either. Liking it is irrelevant.

Jimmy In Japan said...

You don't have to live in a place to call it home. I'm talking about a place that'll always be there to touch base. A place you don't own and never will can be called YOUR home.

Jimmy In Japan said...

The last sentence was meant to be a question. I'm saying that it can't.

e said...

rock on Jimmy.

Jimmy In Japan said...

Hey thanks. Interesting music and blog! I'll keep my eye on it. Thanks for checking in to say hi. Rock on indeed.