Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy B'Day Sweet Baby Jesus!

On Tuesday I decided to pack up my new Les Paul and EMS it back home.

I used a heap of 100 yen tape to put together a makeshift guitar box out of the Pepsi boxes that seller "kindly" gave me. A true PITA!! I probably should have sent it earlier as it's not going to make it there for Christmas Day, but it will be fun "racing" it back to Australia. I'm glad I sent this one instead of the Tele. 10.3Kg would be no fun carting to Narita.

I left home with good timing. This time I adhered closely to my list and up to now it seems I hadn't forgotten anything. The dolls, the Elmo, the guitar stuffs, iPhone and oh, some clothes too.

The usual 9 hour flight was stretched out to about 13 hours. It wasn't so bad. I watched four movies - 500 Days Of Summer, Funny People, Up and District 9. All good. I'd recommend them all.

500 Days has Zooey Deschanel who I like because she reminds me of Katy Perry who I also "admire" DEEPLY. Anyway, this film won me over with the Tourette's-like yelling of the P word. Secret be told that during my time in Japan I have devised an entire language using that sole word. Seeing this made me giggle like a schoolgirl on the inside.

District 9 was better than others made out. A truly, original film. Definitely much better than that um, 2012 film that I talked up. Funny People was pretty good too. I could actually take Adam Sandler seriously in this one. IT was great to see Eric Bana act with his true Aussie accent. Pretty funny! Up was a nice animation, reminiscent of Pixar's kind of stories. It was real sad when his Ellie dies. Oh spoiler, s*** sorry!

The transit stops in Taipei and Hong Kong were made less boring by the free internet access. What did we do before the internet?

Arriving back in Brisbane I was so tired. I can't sleep on planes, and I wanted to see all those movies too. I'm sure drinking the complimentary beer didn't help either. I'm glad my Tele got back to me in one piece. "Free" delivery, YAY!

Brisbane welcomed me with muggy humidity. I know it was Christmas Day and quiet, but this place seems VERY slow compared to Tokyo. It was too overcast to do too much today so I took my car for a drive and played my guitars.

Good to be home again.