Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Jimmy In New York : Day 3

Nothing says New York more than the Statue of Liberty so it wasn't till I finally saw Ms Liberty herself, that I felt I was really in New York city.

Before getting on the subway, I asked a station employee on the platform for directions. I asked for "Battery Park" and he asked twice where I was going. In the end I said "to catch the Liberty ferry" which happens to leave from Battery Park.

One thing I noticed straight way when I arrived is that New Yorkers can be quite, how can I say, abrupt? Not exactly welcoming, but I did realize that once disarmed, they can be quite friendly.

There is a security line to board the ferry. Although long when we got there, it moved fairly quick.

As we got closer to Liberty Island, I was surprised about the size of the statue. Of course it's much bigger than the replica in Odaiba, but from pictures and movies I envisioned a gigantic monument.

The ferry stopped at Ellis Island before heading back to Manhattan. We didn't get off. There was still a lot to see today.

Most importantly I HAD to take a picture of squirrel in Battery Park that didn't stay still long enough for me to take its picture. Well worth it. Cute huh?

From there we went to Ground Zero. If you didn't know what happened, it just looked like any other construction site. I wish I was here before the towers came down. I think New York really misses the Twin Towers. I think they should build two towers at the same scale to bring the Manhattan skyline back to (almost) how it was.

Before going across Brooklyn Bridge we went to Burger King. I ordered Quarter Pounders. The checkout guy didn't understand me. I thought it was my accent until I realized Quarter Pounders are Macdonald burgers. Oops.

I wanted to go to the place on the Brooklyn side where I always see Twin Towers pictures looking into Manhattan. From this view the missing towers were even more obvious.

After Brooklyn we caught the subway to SoHo. There are a lot of great, cheap clothes and shoe shops in this area. I saw a pair of Docs for cheaper than I paid secondhand! We went to Uniqlo (the Japanese clothing store) where I bought two t-shirts, a Mickey Mouse and a Star Wars one, and also a nice cap. Mouse over (haha) the above image to see my "serious face" in the Star Wars shirt.

We were going to go to Katz Delicatessen in NoLita, famous (or infamous) for the Meg Ryan orgasm scene in "When Harry Met Sally", but it was further than we thought, and instead tried to make it back to Times Square to hopefully score cancelled tickets to "Wicked".

No luck there, so we decided to call it a day.