Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jimmy In New York : Day 4

This morning we decided to have another Ess-A-Bagel. I had a strawberry cream cheese one and she had a sundried tomato one. They both tasted great, but the strawberry made it taste more like a cake, than a sandwich. Very filling though.

The sun finally came out so it was time we went to the Empire State Building.

During the day from the outside, the building doesn't look as good as it does at night, but now that it's the highest in New York it does have a commanding presence in the New York skyline. Actually, it bears an uncanny resemblance to the NTT docomo building.

Again we waited for quite a while in a security line before going up to the 86th floor. Along with our CityPass entry, we got a very informative audio tour player. Looking out at the view I couldn't help but think of the Twin Towers and how it was a long way down.

From there we went back towards Broadway and Times Square. We went to Sam Ash Music where I bought a really nice microphone preamp (RNP). Compared to Australia or Tokyo, it was much cheaper here, even with the sales tax. One thing I don't like about America is how they don't quote prices with tax. I hated seeing a price and not knowing what the final price was until I got to the checkout. What's up with that?

In Times Square we happened to see the Naked Cowboy strutting his stuff on the streets.

We overheard a scalper selling tickets for "Wicked". I was close to buying them, but I was scared to be risking buying counterfeit ones.

Instead we went to the Museum of Natural History as it was one of the included tickets on our CityPass. A LOT of the museum was dioramas of stuffed animals. It might appeal to the kiddies but for me it was kind of boring. What WAS really interesting was the planetarium show narrated by Whoopi Goldberg.

We were close to Central Park so we went past the Dakota Apartments where John Lennon lived, and was shot outside by Chapman. There isn't any indication to tell you this is the place. There is no name on the building, only a gate person with Dakota on his uniform.

Across the road in Central Park there is a memorial to John Lennon.
A full and tiring day.