Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A St Pat's Day Karaoke

We're coming to the end of another school year, and consequently that means filling out a lot of kids certificates. I seem to get these to do at the end of my shifts, or when I don't have any in-between times to do them, meaning I've been overtiming just to do them.

Today was particularly annoying as it's not only "Station Beers" night, but also St Patrick's Day.

I was tempted to break open a can of chu-hi while writing, but I wrote them out reasonably quick, and hot-stepped it to the usual meeting place. After we all finished our cans we went to the Hub, the default gaijin's British pub in Japan.

Well actually before we did that, we stopped into the nearby UFO catcher as one of the guys was kind of obsessed with a weird rabbit toy for his gf. The guys were trying to pick it up, but I knew it needed a little staff help. I called one over and got him to make it much easier. First try missed, but the second one I did and won it for him. Sugoi ne?

There are two Hub's in Yokohama. The closest to the station was packed (much more than usual), but we couldn't get anywhere to sit. I thought the atmosphere was all right, but the other guys wanted to go to the other Hub.

Arriving there it was practically empty. I was kind of disappointed. There was an amusing group of cute Japanese girls getting quite tipsy (yes that's you Tomoe and Yuko!) that approached us and spoke a lot of broken English, but it made the night quite entertaining. Definitely better than a bunch of guys practising their English!

We all missed the point of no return regarding our last trains, so we all decided to go to a Re-mix karaoke box to while away the hours till first trains of the morning. Great thing it was only 1,200 each until 5am! We smuggled in a few drinks for a little more dutch courage.

Many songs were slaughtered beyond recognition. My favourite was "Alone" by Heart. There was also Backstreet Boys, and a few Japanese hits for good measure. Considering the mood of the evening I should have looked up a certain Stephen Stills song.

By daylight we were all drained and made our way back to the station. It was lucky I had the day off. I didn't get up proper until about 3.30 with a very late breakfast.

I had a great night out. I'm looking forward to the next one.


Limo said...

Update!!!! What's happening?

Jimmy In Japan said...

I'll be updating very soon. I've got a fair bit to catch you all up on. Those cherry blossoms were beautiful,ne? ;)