Thursday, 13 May 2010

John Mayer In Tokyo

We went to the Lawson Loppi machine to find out that John Mayer tickets were sold out.

Other guys have told me to wait outside the venue to find scalpers to buy them, but an easier way is Yahoo Auctions. Usually I'd be paranoid about being ripped off by counterfeit sales but with Yahoo's feedback system it looked like these were legit.

Using my own UFJ ATM guide, I managed to do the bank transfer myself for the first time. Talk about liberation.

I paid a small premium over the normal ticket price, but we did manage to get 7th row from the front. It wasn't in the centre but I could see all the performers quite easily. There was seating for the arena ticket holders. As soon as the band fired up with " Waiting For The World To Change", everyone decided to stand up. Still, my view wasn't compromised.

The set was chosen well, although I would've like to have heard, "Bigger Than My Body", "Heart Of Life", and maybe a few songs off "Room For Squares". He interspersed Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" with one of his own songs, and played Petty's "Free Falling" as well. Personally I prefer the original. I like his version of Hendrix's "Bold As Love" though, but unfortunately we didn't get to hear it.

He changed guitars every song. It was funny to see him play a Minnie Mouse telecaster for "Perfectly Lonely". He's got great tone from his rig. Fender Strats aren't my favourite guitar, but I really like the sound he has. The whole mix was well-balanced, and he has great players backing him up.

JCB Hall in Suidobashi was the perfect venue to watch the show. Not only being close to home, it's not too big a show as to being in a stadium. I'm really glad I went. It's inspired me a little bit to work on my own stuff more.

I want to see more live music too. Next week I've got a special invite to another live event. Fill you in about that soon.